My wellbeing is more imporant than whatever you do at SOME and I reserve the right to ignore you.

I have had my Facebook deactivated for 24 days. However I have started missing events (as you must be at Facebook to know what is happening) and Nearby friends (good luck getting people to other solutions).

During this time I have been mainly at Twitter and Google+ and in the later I especially like the collections feature which allows me to specify which larger subject my message is related to. I think I will continue using them primarily (even if I should use Diaspora*).

I originally left Facebook as it was taking too much of my time in form of idle newsfeed reading and notifications (which I gathered too much from all kinds of groups and people I know IRL (in real life) and I just don’t like them.

Now I am returning after I have writing this and as I said on top, I am going to clear notifications aggressively and I will be ignoring you unless there is an emergency in which case you should send me a message and I might take a look at whatever it is. It might mean not reading your posts or newsfeed or replying or even liking your comments, as I care more about my wellbeing than whatever noise you cause burneding me.

Am I selfish? Note that I am not even obligated to write this post, I just felt like writing this.