Yet another note-to-self post, but these links are confusing, how do you make proper irc:// or ircs:// link?

I started wondering about the proper way to make irc/ircs links today and based on the following addresses


EDIT 2015-08-30 & 2015-10-10: I got eaten by HTML5 validator, because of what was said above :frown: and the proper way how you make links without getting eaten by HTML5 validator is ( and the address would become ircs:// See Percent-encoding at Wikipedia. Thanks Mardeg at

  • specifies that the link uses SSL with the s (for plain text just remove it)
  • specifies the port so client doesn’t have to guess it
  • clearly specifies the channels without leaving prefixes for the client to guess

The previously linked pages also contain other forms, but this seems the best to me and I am against using channel keys as there are better ways to keep channel private (such as restricted or +i and +I to authorized people) and server passwords aren’t used anywhere where I would encounter them, other than forwarding the password to NickServ, but that is depracted by SASL.