Or why am I using umode -iI and thus showing all channels that I am on at IRC? So you can find channels that may interest you if we have similar interests.

People ask this question from me a lot, often the same people as they don’t remember my answer.

I am in umode -iI which shows the channels that I am on so if you think that I seem sane or interesting or whatever person and feel like you have similar interests, you can simply /whois Mikaela to see the public channels that I am on and join if you see anything interesting.

But what about the trolls? I haven’t had many trolls following me around and if that happens to you, you can simply send logs to network operators and if they are good opers, they will take action.

This section on (un)setting umodes was broken and moved here

Update on 2015-04-13: add umode -I which is the InspIRCd way of hiding all channels from whois depending on the modules loaded and IRCd config.

Update on 2015-06-03: setting/unsetting umodes moved here.