@Annwenn got me opering at her network after long pause with my opering. She also named this blogpost and requested me to write this and I don’t have any better place where to put this, but I am starting with other talk before getting to the subject.

It appears that I am not as bad oper as I thought as I was able to identify and find solutions to multiple issues including server-side aliases not working, SASL being loaded with services, but not with IRCd, CertFP loaded with services, but not IRCd, missing oper-only channels (and allowing everyone to join #services) etc.

The services package is Atheme and IRCd InspIRCd which are the same I would have picked if I had started running IRC server which I was avoiding before. The forks of Atheme don’t have any stable releases yet and Atheme is still getting security fixes.

I am not linking to the network or complete issue list here as I don’t want too much traffic there.

And now to the subject.

First, register a channel, for example #test.

/join #test
/cs register #test
  1. Register the group !test
/msg groupserv register !test
  1. Set options & flags at #test. The following are what I usually set to channels.
/cs set #test GUARD ON
/cs set #test MLOCK
/cs set #test PRIVATE ON
/cs set #test NOSYNC OFF
/cs set #test SECURE ON
/cs set #test TOPICLOCK ON
/cs set #test VERBOSE ON
/cs flags #test $oper +Aehiortv
/cs flags #test !test +AiV

Here $oper adds people who are opered to access list (if EXTTARGET $oper is enabled) and allows people who have +c in group !test to see the access list (even with PRIVATE on), invite themselves or see the channel key using ChanServ and have autovoice on the channel.

  1. Set the options and flags of !test.4. Set the options and flags of !test.
/msg groupserv set !test channel #test
/msg groupserv set !test joinflags +cviA
/msg groupserv set !test open on

joinflags +cvi means that when people join the group, they automatically have +cvi which allows them to have access in channels where !test has flags, take vhosts which are offered to the group and invite other people to the group.

  1. Offer vhosts to the group (requires you to be oper).
/hs offer !test test/$account
/hs offer !test tester/$account
  1. Take one of the vhosts.
/hs offerlist
/hs take tester/$account
/hs on

/hs offerlist shows which vhosts are offered to you or groups where you have +v.